Location 113 Glen Place , Ste 4000, Lexington, KY 40505

Disasters can strike anywhere.. anytime...

Not all disasters are predictable, and you cant always prepare for everything. We partner with Companies and Organizations to try to help Communities and families in need.

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Make Your Miles Matter.. Join the Fun!

Old school Bike-A-Thon with a twist! Who runs the most miles?!? Flatbed? Van? Reefer? Make your miles Matter for a good cause!

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Drivers Making a Difference! You can help too!

We are an Organization made up of drivers! We work with other drivers, Owner Operators, and Companies to provide supplies and transportation of supplies into these hard-hit areas that need it.

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2021 Appalachian Flood Response

When help was needed, people came together!

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2021 Appalachia Floods

God's Pit Crew Brings relief to Eastern KY Flood Victims! When we heard that Lawrence County Ky needed assistance, we

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Disaster Can Strike Anywhere..

Be safe.. and Be prepared! This also goes for those of us providing support, before, during, and after a disaster.

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When COVID struck and left many people scrambling for items they needed, truckers were no different. Drivers faced new challenges

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Drivers Move America!! Americas Truckers Making a Difference! Truckers have some of the biggest hearts and in our own way,

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