Our Mission

Our mission is to provide relief in disaster situations, by means of providing Transportation of goods to support the mission or by providing supplies and other needed support to the affected areas, relief volunteers and its victims.

This is accomplished through public and private partnerships with other like-minded businesses and organizations to complete the mission.

Through this, our core mission remains the same, People helping people one truckload at a time.


About Us

As truck drivers, there are many times we find ourselves going thru or near affected areas and our "paying load" may not take up all of the room in the trailer.

So in 2018 a few drivers got together in support of the efforts and helped move what supplies we could.  Companies like Hirshbach donated a truck and driver to stay and help for an extended period of time.

While we all may not be able to stay a week or two, but we can make a difference one pallet at a time.  Please consider joining forces with us to help more non profits and organizations get much needed relief supplies to disaster affected areas.

Because you never know where disaster may strike next.. It could be your town.. And we will be there to help.

We Need Your Help!

We need Carriers and Drivers to help us help others.  If you can donate empty space in your trailer, or help move an entire shipment, we could sure use the help!  We have sponsors and donors that help to provide fuel and operating expenses for volunteer drivers and companies.  We are also a 501 nonprofit and can also provide a Tax Deduction receipt for your generous in-kind donation.

Questions? Feel free to Contact Us for more info!  Please help us to help others one truckload at a time..

More About Us

Trucks With Room to Spare Inc is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  More specifically, Trucks With Room to Spare Inc is dedicated to providing assistance before, during and after times of disaster and crisis in the United States through humanitarian assistance, free and reduced rate supply transportation programs, and by providing assistance with needed supplies and resources.

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Want to Donate Transport Space...

If you are a driver or business and want to get involved and/or donate space in your equipment for future needs and disasters, please complete the sign up form to be placed in our database.

Thank You!


Are you a NonProfit with transport needs...

If you are a Non profit or organization and would like to possibly work together for future needs and disasters, please complete the sign up form to be placed in our database.

Thank You!


Are you an Individual with donations?

Are you a individual that has donations that need transported? , please complete the sign up form to be placed in our database.

Thank You!


Trucks With Room to Spare Inc is a registered 509 (a)(2).  We accept donations to help pay for fuel of transport drivers and to help purchase supplies or to help with repairs and other needed items for support of the relief efforts.

Thank you for your support.