The Impact of Trucking for Disaster Relief

What Communities Have To Say About Trucks With Room To Spare

One pallet of supplies to a community that has none can help hundreds, and a truckload can impact the lives of thousands of people in need. 

At Trucks With Room to Spare, we’ve seen the impact that trucking for disaster relief can have on communities in their greatest times of need. Our non-profit relies on the generosity and goodwill of truck drivers and other transportation professionals who want to make an immediate and lasting impact on those fighting to survive in the wake of natural disasters. From vital supplies like food, water, and clothing to toys and school supplies for kids, Trucks With Room to Spare does everything in our power to provide support, hope, and empowerment to those who need it most.

When Is Trucking for Disaster Relief Needed?  

While it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of disaster that occurs in the United States every year, it is our conviction that compassionate people, when paired with the right resources, can lighten the burdens faced by individuals and families facing extraordinary circumstances. Trucking for disaster relief is needed year-round, and you can volunteer to transport at any time. Read on to learn more about our work, and contact us today to get involved!

When disaster strikes, love rushes in. It’s that simple.

2021 Appalachia Floods

Following the historic floods that rocked Kentucky’s Appalachian counties in 2021, Trucks With Room to Spare didn’t waste a moment in finding a way to help. Our team contacted God’s Pit Crew, a non-profit crisis response team who shares our mission of serving those in times of need. After our officials met with community leaders and first responders to establish an effective relief plan, God’s Pit Crew dispatched a big-rig loaded with vital supplies to the hardest hit areas of Kentucky and West Virginia, providing crucial support to those who needed it most. Learn more about our Appalachia Floods campaign, and contact us today to find out how you can help!

Hope and Support for All

“Trucks With Room to Spare has helped my family, especially during the covid-19 virus. Not one time have I ever heard of them rejecting someone over race, color or creed.”

- Shawn M. 

Unforeseen disasters can strike at any moment, and no human is immune to the harsh realities of losing their home, belongings, resources, or loved ones. Trucks With Room to Spare is made up of professionals and volunteers who are compelled to take action when they see people in need, and we strive to be a force for good in the diverse communities that we serve across the country. Our organization believes that no person is an island — we are all in this together. This belief is what inspires our truck drivers to utilize their own resources to provide relief to those in need, no matter where they are.

How Can I Help Support Disaster Relief? 

Trucks With Room to Spare is proud of the work we do, and we rely wholly on the compassion and generosity of our driving partners, donors, sponsors, and distributors across the United States. In many cases, our trucking volunteers cover their own fuel costs out of the goodness of their hearts, so we are always in need of donations and sponsors. Over the years, our non-profit has refined its processes and repeatedly demonstrated the immense impact of our efforts. Now, our reach is solely determined by the amount of hands and funds available. Are you ready to make a difference? Contact us today!