Trucking for Disaster Relief

How Trucks With Room to Spare Transports Supplies (and Hope) for Disaster Relief

Trucks With Room to Spare has a unique vision for providing vital assistance to devastated communities in a way that is both innovative and straightforward. Did you know that at any given moment in the United States, there are more than two million trucks traveling on our roads? Out of those millions of trucks, there are many that contain drivers who have hearts for helping people. So how do we accomplish our mission to transport life-saving supplies to parts of our country that desperately need them? The answer is simple — we do it with your help.

Providing Relief in the Wake of Disasters 

In 2020, people across the United States experienced more than 100 extreme weather and natural disasters, 22 of which caused damages in excess of $1 billion — a record-setting number of events. These included hurricanes and tropical storms, wildfires, tornado storm surges, and more. Trucks With Room to Spare took every opportunity we could to send drivers to each of these impacted areas with supplies, including food, water, clothing, and toys for kids. We firmly believe in the life-changing effects of helping our neighbors in their time of need, because it just as easily could be our homes that are damaged or destroyed.

How Individual Truckers Can Help

Truck drivers are the backbone of Trucks With Room to Spare. In a very real sense, none of these lifesaving efforts are possible without these amazing and compassionate people. If you own a truck, and you have “room to spare,” then we are looking for people just like you to volunteer! While our volunteers are not paid, we do work with a number of sponsors to help cover the cost of fuel while making deliveries to communities in dire need of help. If you’re interested in volunteering your time and energy, or you have any questions about how you can help, please click here to learn more!

How Trucking Companies Can Help

Many business owners know just how important it is to be an active part of taking care of your community. When cities and towns across the country are destroyed or damaged from natural disasters, it’s often the community business leaders who step up to help out the most. That being said, if you own a trucking company and would like to put your values into action, consider volunteering your trucks to work with Trucks With Room to Spare! We work with a number of distributors to deliver the basic needs that communities need to be reestablished following catastrophes. If you own a trucking business, please contact us today to learn more about the ways that you can help.

How You Can Help Transport Hope

Trucks With Room to Spare relies wholly on the generosity of our partnered drivers, sponsors, and distributors across the United States. Even if you yourself are not a truck driver, there are ways that you can help! If you or your business would like to inquire about sponsoring our drivers to cover fuel costs or would like to help by donating food and basic supplies, please contact us today! Otherwise, the most important thing you can do is help us spread the word. Tell truck drivers and business owners in your community about Trucks With Room to Spare, and watch what happens when loving your neighbor includes a big set of wheels.

To volunteer with Trucks With Room to Spare, please visit our Volunteer’s page. With all other questions or to find out more about TWRTS, please contact us today! Remember — you and your truck could change someone’s life forever!