Supplies Are Always Needed

It seems there is never enough, and with the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, it has made things that much harder.

We are always in need of non-perishables and support supplies, you can help by talking with your company about supporting our mission thru Sponsorships or donation of needed supplies, or you can host a donation drive to support our efforts.

This is a short list of items usually needed:

  • Nonperishable foods and snacks
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Bottled or canned water or drinks
  • First aid kits
  • Medical Equipment (oxygen, assist devices, etc.)
  • Insulin Supplies
  • Paper Products (toilet paper, paper towels, tissue, note pads, etc.)
  • Clean up items (buckets, shovels, brooms, trash bags, and cleaners)
  • Tarps and Plastic sheeting
  • Animal Supplies (hay, food, bedding, kennels, leashes/leads, etc.)
  • Portable Cots
  • Bedding (blankets, pillows, sheets, etc.)
  • Plastic Storage Tubs
  • Phone Cards, Chargers (allows the displaced to keep in contact with available services and family members)
  • Laptops/Tablets/Printers (these items will be set up in locations to allow residents the ability to file for services available.
  • Children Items (toys, coloring books, games, etc.)
  • Rebuilding Supplies (lumber, nails, hand tools, chain saws, wheel barrels, roofing supplies, etc.)
  • Furniture (beds, appliances, and other furnishings)

Have items to donate? GREAT! Tell us about it