Meet The Drivers!

John Thorgaard

Helping with TWRTS is my way of giving back to the number of people that have helped me throughout my life.

As a child I survived a hurricane in Jacksonville, FL and being young, I don’t remember the actual storm or a lot about it, but I do remember the aftermath of it and the Community coming together to help in any way possible. Us kids spent our time looking to salvage what we could and trying to stay out of the adult’s way.

Nobody was left alone, but I do remember feeling forgotten, ignored, and lonely a lot because I lost my stuff, and my family was preoccupied with helping each other. Getting
us the necessary things we needed to survive and rebuild.

Also, later in life I survived a Tornado it came through our town tearing out homes, fields, and lives. There wasn’t any warning, but the neighbors lost everything while we were untouched.

Again, our community came together, helping whoever needed it… and of course, the lost feeling was back. My closest
friends were now homeless, and we did what most people did… took in our neighbors. At one time we had four
families staying with us.

My mission is to pay it forward and honor the people who helped my family when we lost everything. That is why
TWRTS is such a worthwhile project for me.