First-off, we want to give big thanks to MUDFLAP for their $10,000.00 fuel gift! This gift is going to help keep trucks moving! AND they have a great diesel fuel discount program too for you too!

What if we told you that you can save money on your diesel purchases and help Trucks
With Room at the same time? Even in your
personal vehicle… if it uses diesel…

We are excited to announce that we are using
Mudflap to help save money on our fuel
costs! And when you sign up through the link
below you can too!

Yep, if you buy diesel, you can get a discount like us truckers at the pump with Mudflap!

Places like AMBEST, Kwik Trips, Casey’s, and

And, for every gallon you buy at a discount through the app, a portion goes to help put fuel in the tank of one of our volunteer truck drivers!

And, when you sign up through the link below and try it the first time, we both get $10 in free fuel! How cool is that!

So, sign up through this link (Be sure to use our referral code “twrts” to sign up) to save money on diesel and help truckers move supplies during disasters!