Meet a Driver~ Shelle Lichti

Shelle Lichti is a force to be reckoned with on the highways and has the biggest heart for helping others!

Shelle started helping with Trucks With Room back in 2018, but that’s not when her volunteering started.. Shelle is no stranger to knowing the effects of disasters, as a resident of Alabama she has seen first-hand the destruction and toll it takes on families and communities. She has been donating her time to helping others in many ways for many years.

Shelle is the Founder of LGBT Truckers, an organization representing truck drivers in the LGBT Community and the pilot of the Rainbow Rider, the flagship truck of the LGBT Community!

During disaster response or even out on the highway, keep a look out for Shelle! You can’t miss her!

Shelle doesn’t like to talk about herself or her honorable deeds, so we decided to do it for her. Aside from helping with disaster response and helping to unite the trucking community, she also provides holiday resources for truckers out on the road during the Holidays. So be sure to give them a follow and get involved how you can! Thank you, Shelle, for being an awesome volunteer, advocate, and simply great all-around person! And thank you to Hirschbach Motor Lines for supporting your drivers and working with them to make the world a better place! We love ya’ll!