Amanda Brown is a teacher at St. Gabriel Catholic School in Louisville, KY, but she’s also from Louisiana, from the area of some of the most damage, La Fourche Parish.

She moved to Louisville, KY and wanted to send help to the survivors in Louisiana.
She was holding a supply drive at the school, but she needed help getting them there.
There was everything from water and diapers to cleaning supplies and paper products! Amanda knew what they needed and made sure there was plenty of it!

Amanda knew the feeling and knew what was needed… and she knew the struggles the survivors were experiencing.

She had been through it before.

I pulled in on loading day and was greeted by Amanda and all her volunteers! These kids had the trailer loaded in no time flat!

Thirty-Eight feet of trailer.. stacked with supplies for the people of Cut Off, Louisiana!

It’s been over a month since Ida made landfall, clean-up has been underway, but the damage is bad… Piles of debris along the roads and canals… a fire department that looks fine from the front, but the whole side of the building is gone. And the usual Blue Tarps as far as you can see…homes gone.. boats washed ashore. There is something destroyed everywhere you look.

Nothing is left untouched…One driver on the CB radio said that areas further south are gone.. towns completely wiped out…
Upon arrival to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Cut Off, LA, the people of the church are so happy to see the much needed supplies… Volunteers are busy unloading other trucks and sorting supplies to prepare for the distribution to the community.
The area residents who come through as the trucks are unloading are happy to see the supplies too, they walk up asking, “when they will start distribution?”.. tomorrow.. one more day..

It may be hard to imagine waking up to nothing one morning, and having to start from scratch, but you were able to help the thousands of people in this area with the life sustaining supplies they need to make it another day, week, or month.

With this shipment alone, the donated supplies helped over 5000 people in the Cut Off, LA area.
1 pallet of water is 72 cases, that’s 1728 bottles.
When you ship by truck, that goes from one pallet to 22.. Thats over 1575 families in an area that YOU helped with clean drinking water after a disaster!

But you also helped a truck driver!
As drivers.. We do what we do every day.. people really don’t pay us truckers any mind..
people need stuff and we haul it.. but we don’t usually get to see how what we do makes a difference.. it’s times like these, we get to experience the hugs and see the hope firsthand that a delivery can bring to a community.

So thank you, to all our supporters!
From the supply collectors and volunteers to the donors, you are helping to make a difference in so many peoples lives who have lost so much after disasters in the world!
Without you, this wouldn’t possible!