In the World of Trucking…

The end to another week.. and most drivers are still at it. I’m taking a break before I head back out to make a haul to Missouri and back and I wanted to say thank you to all the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with this last week or so. Thank you for everyone being so patient and understanding that the noise in the background is my paying gig.. LOL Because we all have a job to do.. and mine is to deliver aluminum coils.

While driving down the road I get to reflect on alot of things.. like how last disaster season went.. worry about this one.. and hope and pray more drivers will see it in their hearts to get involved. This is truly is a labor of love.. But it also pays in love!

What are we up to this week? Well, mostly conferring with other organizations about staging and needs, but also trying to spread the word about what Trucks With Room is and who we are.

I have talked with so many great Organizations that I had no idea even existed! I had no idea how many great people was out helping people! Roger from ITDRC has been busy making introductions and helping me with streamlining our operations.. We have hired a Grant Consultant and Laura is helping us to get our “shit in a pile” LOL… Our website now has a link for our monthly financials and we are trying to post updates weekly to our blog.

I want to ask everyone to please help us spread the word… there are many drivers that don’t even know about our mission and we need your help to let them know. Everyone knows someone who knows a truck driver.

If your a driver and want to help, please sign up on the website or call me.. I’m just out driving around like you.. and I will be happy to tell you about our mission! We are looking for Sponsors and new Board members that want to get involved in making a difference in peoples lives and help take Trucks With Room to the next level!

Give us a call! (833) 800-4666