Hard lessons learned in a disaster….

By Colleen Goodrich

My soon to be former-future-son-in-law went into a natural disaster area and was totally shocked that his ever so considerate future-in-law was right, and the company that he was going in with had zero clues as for what they were getting themselves in for.

The suggestions were given…

“Want to have something while you are there… you better take it with you” 

“Hope you have camping gear because you’re gonna want it”

“Take plenty of food for yourself”.

“Lanterns would be an awesome addition if you want to see”

“Why are you taking a cell phone when the service is down?”


With certain replies that really bear repeating, 

“We’re just going to buy it when we get there.”

“I don’t have room for camping gear in the truck.” 

“I am not cooking anything, and can just eat out.” 

“The company is getting us a hotel while we are there.”

He figured it out fast… it wasn’t that easy…


The very first night they arrived…..

#1 – the entire company found out the hotel had no water, power, A/C, or linens for the room’s.  #2 – The ONLY food they could find was a guy doing BBQ in his backyard so the food from his fridge didn’t go to waste. 

#3 – Gold is easier to find and cheaper to buy then ICE and 

#4 –  lock your gas / fuel caps or it WILL be gone by morning.


Moral of the story, if you are planning on going into an area where the residents don’t have it, do not plan on you being able to get it. Plan accordingly and use your own brain for a few things.