From Nebraska, With Love!

When a group of volunteers wanted to help Colorado fire victims, God’s plan fell into place!

It wasn’t long after the horrific tornadoes of December 10th that a friend reached out and brought to our attention that the Boulder, Colorado area had been devastated by wildfires.

This isn’t the first time Char Merrill-Swalberg has made this call to us, we have worked together before, during the Midwest floods when thousands of indigenous populations was stranded and hungry, homes washed away in an event compared to a 500-year flood. So, when Char calls, it’s serious, and we know it.

Boulder fire victims needed resources, and Char was trying to collect them, God had another plan…

Char said she was having a Supply Drive, teaming up with local fire departments. They had a driver, but needed more supplies, did I have any? We had supplies, the outpouring of support for the December 10th tornado victims created a backlog of available resources, so I said I would try to find someone to bring them to her in Nebraska. But God put drivers and supplies in her path.

Remember the story of the drivers, Derek and his wife out of Michigan that collected two trailers full of supplies in less than a week? Yep, God found her supplies! So, after some planning, a truckload of supplies was headed to Nebraska for Colorado fire victims! Thanks to all the volunteers, donors, and all the drivers that make moves like these possible!

Your support and donations helped to get these resources to fire victims who lost everything!