Disaster Tips & Tricks Blog!

By Christy Rowe (Parsons)

Greetings, friends of TWRTS! This is Christy and I have what I think is exciting news!

First announcement! With permission from Shelli, I am leading a TWRTS disaster relief style cookbook publishing through Morris Press Cookbooks.  Money raised will benefit Trucks With Room To Spare’s disaster relief efforts. 

I am looking for your input! My vision is to have recipes for the following categories:

  • Open Campfire
  • Camp Stove: Fuel and Wood (I will work with the publisher regarding trademarked brand names to determine the best way to describe and/or list the type and/or brand of stove)
  • BBQ Grill
  • Other alternative cooking methods (like a solar oven or even dehydrating)
  • Non-edible/DIYs: for homemade cleaners and any other DIYs you can enter in a typical recipe format. Instructions for making a solar oven or purifying water are examples. The materials needed will be the “ingredients.”

I’m currently planning for this book to target beginners with modest ingredients and tools, but submissions requiring more intermediate skills will be considered. But this Cookbook is mainly geared for someone with no power, running water, or appliances.

  1. Ingredients should be SHELF STABLE items but may include recipes for using up typical frozen and refrigerated items before they go bad in the event of an extended power outage. Pet friendly recipes will be accepted as long as they can be made using alternative cooking methods. 
  2. Your first name, last initial, volunteer organization (if any) and state of residence is how your submission will be listed. 
  3. In the event of duplicate recipes, the first submission will be the accepted one. If the second submission has an alternative ingredient or method, this may be combined into one with both contributor names listed. 

Your submissions may be slightly altered for consistency in abbreviations or other common terms or to help with alphabetizing and categorizing. I reserve the right to use my judgment in conjunction with publisher recommendations and Shelli will be consulted for final decisions. Before submitting, please ask for the publisher’s tips on writing recipes. 

The total cost of the book will depend a lot on the final copy. The current goal is to keep the book within a $15-20 range, to include shipping, with a possible discount to contributors, those purchasing multiple copies, and those purchasing a copy to be distributed to disaster victims.

Publisher Requirements:

Recipe Notes: A recipe note is any content that does not pertain to the preparation of the recipe. 

Anything other than ingredients, directions, contributor name, serving size, or recipe title is a recipe note, regardless of placement. I would like to limit this section to add quick survival tips, recommend ingredients or tools to invest in, etc. The space is limited to 4 lines of text and the publisher will determine what brand names can or cannot be used. 

Ingredients may include trademarked names, e.g., Miracle Whip, but do NOT use trademarked words for recipe titles. If used, they will be replaced with an acceptable alternative, e.g., Kentucky Derby® Pie will become Chocolate Nut Pie.

The second part is, well, this new blog! I am no expert in preparing by any means, but I have definitely dabbled and hope to bring ideas to you that will help YOU be better prepared. Feel free to submit your tips anytime!

Looking forward to your submissions!



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