Amy Washburn-Rhodes

TWRTS Team Member, Colleen Goodrich had the opportunity to sit down with Amy Washburn Rhodes, while talking with her she asked why she was so passionate about helping people affected by all the disasters in the world, especially with everything that was going on in her own personal life, COVID has taken its toll on her family, between job losses and transitioning to homeschooling, so her life has been turned upside-down as well.

Amy says, “I felt like everything was out of control and I needed to feel like I was able to have control over something, ANYTHING, and be able to make a difference in someone else’s life”

Being raised in the Mormon church taught her from an early age the warm feeling of helping others and being a part of a VERY LARGE FAMILY taught her the importance of helping the community she is a part of, and other communities and families in need.

Amy was born in Vernal, Utah, and graduated from BYU with a
BA in English. She lives in O’Fallon, Missouri. with her husband and 4
children. She loves music and reading, spending time with her family, and volunteering in her church and community.