A drivers story of her first disaster relief haul….

By Colleen Goodrich

Another hurricane, Ida, came in and proceeded to devastate the gulf coast one more time, like these people haven’t had enough water, wind, and flood surge since Katrina seemed to set a new standard for hurricanes that hit the United States.

Everyone wants to help and do it in a big way, but honestly most people can only do a few dollars here or there, and usually they never see the effect they had on people or their lives.

As a truck driver I don’t usually get the opportunity to help in a meaningful way myself.  This time it was different… I was in the right place at the right time to bring in a load of desperately needed supplies to help the communities of Louisiana and see some of the smiles on peoples faces that received the supplies off my trailer.

Traffic was terrible!  The people who were able to evacuate from some of the harder hit areas were finally allowed back in to see just how much damage was done to their community and after 9 days of not knowing I would want to get back as well.

I know that I am probably jaded or just privileged..  I do not have to worry if my home, or family are gone in a major disaster, but then I live in blizzard country, and it may take a few month’s for the snow to melt but it will eventually be gone from the streets usually within 48 hours.

The actual devastating effects around me are not as evident to me because of not knowing the area to know what it is supposed to look like, but hearing the heartbreak of these people that have had to rebuild time after time, due to not feeling like they can live anyplace else.

 This is home, it is what they know and love.  Nothing is going to force them to leave, not even a hurricane.