Paying it forward

Everyone has been in a dark place in their life.  Things happen, things go wrong.. and everyone has needed help at one point in their life, if you say no.. your lying to yourself.  Hopefully you had someone that stepped up to help you.. parent, friend, or.. a complete stranger.

There is nothing wrong with having bumps in the road... its part of life. But imagine your world being literally torn apart.  That's what it feels like in a disaster.

Imagine this... a tornado devastates your community, you survive and come out of your shelter place only to see nothing you remember as home.  Residences flattened, trees uprooted or broken off, people wandering around looking for others to make sure everyone's ok.  You run to where your house was.. and stare in disbelief as you try to process what is happening.  You have just lost everything.. your alive, your family is safe, but everything is destroyed. People walking around looking for anything that they may be able to salvage from the wreckage.  Many just stand there and stare and silently cry.  They are still in shock of the devastation.

Now, imagine you have no insurance, no savings and now no home, few clothes and maybe items you found in the rubble.

What will you do?  How will you rebuild? Where do you go?  How will people get help..

This is the point where First Responders and Search and Rescue Teams come in to assist in evacuations and getting people to safety.

While they are gathering people to safety, relief groups and local community leaders work to secure safe temporary emergency shelter for the evacuees.  Also calls go out to other groups for supplies..  food, water, clothing and other necessities.  Many of these groups are small nonprofits and regional faith based organizations. Some communities have food banks or disaster stores, but many don't and supplies must be brought in.

The initial wave of supplies will have to move quickly, usually by car or pick up with trailer.. however they can get it there.  People are in need, families are in trouble and these relief groups are there to help and supplies roll in.

In a few days comes the insurance adjusters, FEMA, and disaster contractors into the area.  While people are trying to put the pieces back together and apply for help, the relief groups are there to continue to provide temporary shelter and food to those who need it.

Many didn't have insurance, or don't qualify for FEMA aid..

In a few weeks many eventually give up and move out of shelters and some set up tents or patch up whats left of a home to try to get back to normal.

Many Relief groups are still there, providing food and other supplies to try to help victims rebuild their lives.

Now imagine that supplies are low.. the relief groups say they have donations but no way to get them there...  I bet you would be hoping someone would help..

That is what Trucks With Room to Spare Inc does.  We try to help ensure these relief groups can continue to help the victims by working with volunteer carriers and drivers to ensure that supplies are were they are needed.

We believe in paying it forward, because we hope someone would do the same for us one day if we need it.

Many local companies close to to disasters pitch in and help, be we need comapnies from many areas, donated supplies come from everywhere.

Please dont wait till disaster strikes in your community to get involved, we have had many disasters across the US this year and even though you may not hear it in the news anymore.. people are still there helping others to rebuild their lives.  Please help us to help them continue to provide needed services and resources to disaster victims.

One year later the people of the panhandle of Florida are still trying to rebuild from the CAT 5 hurricane that destroyed a path from Florida thru Georgia and into the Carolinas.  We are still supporting the rebuilding efforts of that region and we hope you will to.

We need people that can haul supplies, and animals during times of disaster.

Pay it forward.. because you never know.. the person you help today, may help you tomorrow.




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