General Public Stepping Up Instead of the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has developed a bit of a bad image and stigma, what would it take to have a nice clean polish on it? How can drivers been looked upon as the Knights of the Highway again?

TWRTS is doing its part to help clean up the image of truckers thru Humanitarian Efforts.

Trucks with room to Spare is an organisation that helps thru its network of volunteer drivers and carriers to help transport disaster relief shipments for other 501 charities that are too small for FEMA or other government relief agencies to be considered of importance. These NGO's and Organisations have and continue to ship food and supplies into disaster areas well after FEMA and the rest have left. Many of these groups, continuing until the community itself is back on its feet and self sufficient. These are the groups TWRTS works with, and why our mission is so important.

TWRTS is being contacted more and more not just with needs, but with support of our mission.

Encouraging drivers to step up and be the silent heroes. Our hard work and dedication to the mission is finally starting to pay off.

But there's more...The public is feeling the effects of this organisation and others.. and are grateful and rallying behind all the efforts to provide in people's time of need.

What do we need now? We need the trucking industry, not just the drivers but the companies to feel the mission too. The drivers getting fired up would be a good start, they are the heartbeat of America and they know the importance of the service they provide to the country.

Imagine this.. drivers, companies and TWRTS partnered together to help move for relief for the world not just our nation? The Bahamas have felt some relief due to the never ending efforts of these NGO's and TWRTS stepping up and doing their part to get the supplies to them.

TWRTS is in need of a few drivers and Companies to step up, and show the general public that we are more than just another traffic jam on their commute.

This is where we realize that there is another mission within our own mission, striving to cleanup the poor image made by the few that has affected the many. Cleaning up the image of the Trucking industry in general, is also part of our mission itself.

The response from the general public has been dramatic and is improving the image of our industry one load at a time.

How about you getting involved to help.

3 thoughts on “General Public Stepping Up Instead of the Trucking Industry”

  1. Awesome! We here at The Driver’s Side are extremely excited to help in anyway we can. We look forward to participating in the upcoming charity auction, Keep Em’ Moving, in December.
    Keep up the great work ladies.
    The Driver’s Side

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