Emergency Preparedness

Due to the time of year, we feel that there's a few thing's we need to talk about to be ready for an emergency!

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Make sure you always let someone in on your travel plans. If travelling by car include the route you're taking, time of departure, and estimated time of arrival. Check in along the way if you get delayed for any extended time.

Make sure you have an "if you don't hear from me by" time to have them contact the authorities to find out where you are! Know the estimated time between towns just in case there's no cell service and keep your phone charged.

There are alot of great free phone apps that allow you to track family members.  Many truck drivers use something like the 360 app, or there are many others.

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Know what the weather conditions and forecast is along your route and check it just before you leave. Make sure you take along a few potentially life saving item's depending upon the time of year, determines what to take.

The items we suggest are just that, suggestions and you do enough to make you feel safe, depending upon weather conditions, time of year and known potential road hazard.

Safety kits at anytime
● First aid kit
● Jumper cables
● Drinking water
● Flashlight with spare batteries
● Spare tire
● Jack
● Lug nut wrench
● Toilet paper
● Cell phone charging cable
● Bluetooth headset
● Basic tools
● Tarp
● Triangle, flares, or reflective flags
● Camping cook set and matches

● Sun protection
● Umbrella
● Bug spray
● Ice in some form
● Lightweight clothes that cover
● Non-perishable foods for couple of hour's
● Anti-freeze/coolant

Fall and spring
● Jacket for everyone
● Blankets enough to cuddle 2 people per blanket
● Tea light candles
● Non perishable food for 1 day per person

● 2 heavyweight blankets or 1 really good sleeping bag (2 people cuddle rule applies)
● Non perishable food for 2 day's per person
● Candles
● Coveralls and heavyweight coats
● Extra socks and shoes
● Antifreeze/coolant
● Oil
● Fuel/gasoline additive

Obviously this is a worst case scenario type of preparedness and depending on the trip you could possibly want to add more to each list or take away from each list

Geography of where you are traveling is another factor in Florida you may want bug spray all year and in Montana a jacket.

Please do not take this as a complete list or as an incomplete one. These are just thing's that could potentially save your life in the event of a natural disaster, freak storm, or even a traffic collision while you are out traveling from one area to the next.

Happy traveling, thank you for staying safe and ALL of the thing's that you do to help America, and the rest of the world by your charitable time, and donations

The TWRTS Team

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