Shipping Compatibility

When getting relief supplies ready to be shipped please follow a few simple rules, so there is not any issues in getting your supplies shipped as fast as we are able to get you a truck.

  • Do not put Chemicals on the same pallet as perishables
  • Do not stack chemical pallets on top of food pallets
  • Have a form of separation for Chemical and food pallets
  • Try to have pallets ready to go before the truck arrives
  • There are some chemicals that should never be shipped with food.
  • Some shipments will require a truck to only pick up the cleaning or chemical parts of the shipment, and another truck to ship the food.  Depending on the chemicals.

Your help is appreciated in making it easier in finding you trucks to haul your relief supplies, and we thank you for all that you do to provide support during and after disasters.

The TWRTS team

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